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David Cameron, Former Prime Minister, Appointed as U.K. Foreign Secretary

James Cleverly Takes Over From Suella Braverman as U.K. Home Secretary; Former Prime Minister David Cameron Comes Back to Government as New Foreign Secretary

This week began with significant changes in the U.K. government. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reorganized his Cabinet in a considerable reshuffle. Surprisingly, he dismissed Suella Braverman from her role as Home Secretary. Braverman had been a controversial figure known for her provocative statements. Her recent comments accusing the Metropolitan Police of bias during pro-Palestinian protests had put her under increased scrutiny, leading to growing calls for her removal.

In another notable decision, Sunak brought former Prime Minister David Cameron back into the political spotlight, appointing him as the new Foreign Secretary. This marks a significant return for Cameron, who had been out of government for some time. James Cleverly, who previously held the Foreign Secretary position, was reassigned to take over as Home Secretary, replacing Braverman. These changes mark a substantial shift in the U.K. government’s leadership.

As External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar commenced his official trip to London on Sunday, these recent cabinet changes in the U.K. government led to adjustments in his scheduled meetings. Initially, Jaishankar was set to meet with James Cleverly as Foreign Secretary. He planned a meeting with the then-Home Secretary. However, with Cleverly now appointed as Home Secretary, it is expected that Jaishankar will meet with him in this new role.

David Cameron, former U.K. Prime Minister, was elevated to the House of Lords with the title of ‘Lord Cameron’ on Monday. Despite a seven-year absence from politics, Cameron expressed his belief that his experience as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party could be valuable in assisting Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in addressing critical global challenges. He acknowledged his differences with some of Sunak’s decisions but praised Sunak’s solid and capable leadership during tough times. Cameron emphasized his desire to contribute to Sunak’s efforts in ensuring national security and prosperity.

In a detailed statement published on platform X, Cameron reflected on his past criticisms of Sunak’s policies, particularly his decision to halt the remainder of Northern England’s High-Speed Rail 2 project. However, he affirmed his support for Sunak’s overall leadership and expressed his readiness to aid in the government’s current endeavours.

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