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54 deaths within 72 hours in UP, and the investigation team has ruled out Heat as the cause

The hospital has become overcrowded due to the abrupt rise in deaths and the number of patients being admitted with fever, breathing issues, and other problems; this has alerted the healthcare workers.

In the previous three days, 54 people have died, and around 400 have been hospitalised in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, due to the district’s record-breaking Heat. Officials have given conflicting accounts for the deaths.

On June 15, 23 patients died, 20 died the next day, and 11 died today.

A senior government doctor from Lucknow, the head of the investigation team, discounted heat today after government doctors stationed in the eastern Uttar Pradesh district had previously claimed the deaths may have been related to a heatwave.

According to Dr AK Singh, a senior government doctor, the initial findings suggest that the deaths at the UP hospital were unlikely to be caused by a heatwave. Similar nearby districts facing similar conditions did not report similar death figures. Most initial symptoms observed were related to chest pain, which is not typically associated with heatwave-related illnesses.

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A senior government doctor, Dr AK Singh, mentioned that the deaths at the UP hospital could be related to water. He stated that an investigation would be conducted to determine if water was the cause or if there was another reason. The climate department will also examine water samples.

Earlier, a doctor in a senior position at Ballia was removed from his post after his statement attributing many deaths to heatstroke went viral. The UP Health Minister, Brajesh Pathak, stated that the doctor was removed for making a careless statement about heatwave-related deaths without having accurate information.

The opposition, particularly Samajwadi Party Chief Akhilesh Yadav, has criticized the state government for the deaths.

Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief of the Samajwadi Party, blamed the state government for the deaths, stating that many people in UP lost their lives due to the government’s negligence. He criticized the government for not warning the people about the heatwave. He highlighted the lack of district hospitals built in the past 6 years. According to Yadav, the victims were primarily poor farmers who did not receive timely access to food, medicines, and treatment.

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Brajesh Pathak, a government official, stated that the government is paying close attention to the incident in Ballia, and he is personally overseeing the situation there. The hospital has been inundated with a sudden rise in deaths and patients suffering from fever, breathing difficulties, and other problems. The hospital staff is on high alert due to the overwhelming situation.

Due to the high inflow of patients at the district hospital, there is a shortage of stretchers, causing difficulties for patients. Some attendants have resorted to carrying their patients on their shoulders to reach the emergency ward. The Additional Health Director acknowledged that it becomes challenging when multiple patients arrive simultaneously but clarified that stretchers are available.

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