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A Union Minister claims that law and order in Manipur is a complete disaster

Since fighting started in Manipur, this was the second attack on Singh’s home in Kongba in the Imphal East area.

Hours after a similar incident at the home of a state cabinet member, a property belonging to a Union minister was set on fire in Manipur. This was the most recent in a string of attacks on elected officials’ official residences and private homes.

Around 10.30 p.m. on Thursday, a mob set fire to Rajkumar Ranjan Singh’s Imphal home. After the incident, he declared that the state’s law and order situation is a “total failure” and that the state government has failed to maintain it.

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Singh is the BJP’s representative for the Inner Manipur constituency in the Lok Sabha.

Since unrest erupted in Manipur, two attacks have been made against Singh’s home in Kongba, Imphal East district; the first occurred on May 25 night when a mob attempted to storm the home while he was inside.

Two security trucks and a private vehicle were burned in the event on Thursday night, even though no one from the family has been residing in the home since the incident on May 25.

Ramu Thaonaojam, a member of the security team at the home, claimed that the crowd had used petrol bombs. “A large number of people came from two directions. Some miscreants threw a petrol bomb from behind the house. As we tried to extinguish the fire, there was an attack from the front side. There were over a thousand people,” he said.

Singh claimed that he perceives a danger to his life. “If someone is trying to vandalize and demolish (the house), I feel shocked. I never expected such kind of attitudes and activities from my fellow citizens of the state… And this is the second time. Now I feel that the first time, I somehow convinced them and security protected (us), and that was in the early evening. This time, it was late at night. Everything was normal, and suddenly, crowds of people came and attacked, I was told. The fire brigade could not enter the area; the people blocked it. I don’t know why, for what reason, they are attacking me… The burning and throwing of petrol seem to be an attempt on my life also… The law and order condition in the state of Manipur is a failure. The existing government could not maintain this despite the central government sending a lot of protections and Rapid Action Force,” he said.

Nemcha Kipgen, a state cabinet member and Kangpokpi MLA, had his official Imphal residence set on fire the previous evening. Nine Manipur police officers were suspended for carelessness and dereliction of duty after the attack on her quarters since they had been assigned to guard it.

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Nine Meitei people were slain in the Kangpokpi district on Tuesday night.

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