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Guwahati Gets Airtel 5G Services

Phased deployment of Airtel 5G will take place as the business builds out its network.

According to telecom provider, Bharti Airtel’s announcement on Monday, the Northeast’s gateway city of Guwahati now offers the newest 5G capabilities.

According to a statement from Bharti Airtel, the “Airtel 5G Plus” services would be made gradually available to users as the business builds up its network and completes the rollout.

Customers with 5G-capable handsets will not be charged extra to use the fast Airtel 5G Plus network until it is more widely available. The statement also noted that the city’s selected sites already have the newest technology.

The business claimed that the “Airtel 5G Plus” will improve every service it provides.

The statement continued, “In addition, it will provide ultrafast access to high definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, rapid photo uploading, and more.

According to the announcement, India will benefit from this launch as the 5G services will support several industries like education, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, mobility, and logistics.