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In Kerala, Two School Children Have Been Infected With NoroVirus.

Health officials increase their efforts to prevent disease transmission.

Norovirus infection has been confirmed in two pupils in Ernakulam, despite increased attempts by health officials to contain the disease’s spread.

The virus has been verified in two children from Bhavan’s Adarsha Vidyalaya in Kakkanad. Approximately 62 children and a few parents had previously displayed indications of the virus. Three students are receiving medical attention. Their health is said to be stable. The virus was found in stool samples taken from two toddlers and forwarded to the State Public Health Laboratory in Thiruvananthapuram.

Following the outbreak, offline classes at the school have been suspended, according to school officials. Academic sessions will be available online till January 25th. The Health Department’s instructions are giving parents the necessary guidance.

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According to an official communication issued by the District Medical Officer, the classrooms have been cleaned. Water samples were collected and sent for in-depth study. Control measures, like chlorination, have been implemented. Those who have symptoms should continue to be monitored. It emphasized that care should be made to ensure that drinking water sources are pure and contain contaminants.

Although Norovirus outbreaks are rarely deadly, they can spread quickly if necessary precautions are not taken, according to health officials. The most common infective agent is contaminated water or food. The virus spreads via waste to the mouth. Infection arises through either directly eating contaminated food or by irresponsible food handling by an infected individual or guardian.