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India responds to Pakistan’s venom against Modi with the ‘frustrated’ Bilawal comment, a new low even for Pakistan

India criticised Pakistan’s foreign minister Bilawal Zardari for his comments about Prime Minister Modi, saying they were impolite even by Pakistani standards and reminded the Bhutto-Zardari scion of the 1971 massacre in Bangladesh committed by the Pakistani Army.

In an official response to Bilawal Bhutto’s attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the UN, the external affairs ministry of Pakistan stated on Friday that Bilawal’s remarks are a new low, even for Pakistan. This day in 1971, a direct result of the genocide committed by Pakistani rulers against the Bengali and Hindu ethnic groups has been forgotten by the country’s foreign minister. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Pakistan has made many improvements in how it treats its minorities. It undoubtedly lacks the authority to criticise India, the ministry declared.

“Pakistan FM’s frustration would be better directed towards the masterminds of terrorist enterprises in his own country, who have made terrorism a part of their State policy. Pakistan needs to change its mindset or remain a pariah,” the statement from the ministry read.

At the UN, India and Pakistan have been having a verbal battle over the problem of terrorism. When Bilawal brought up the Kashmir problem at the UN, Jaishankar responded appropriately, saying people who welcomed Osama had no business preaching there. In response, Bilawal launched a disparaging attack on Prime Minister Modi and the RSS, prompting harsh criticism from New Delhi.

The external affairs ministry referred to Bilawal’s remarks as an “uncivilised outburst” and claimed they demonstrated Pakistan’s “growing inability” to use terrorists and their go-betweens. The bloodshed has been exported from Pakistan’s Special Terrorist Zones to all corners of the globe, leaving wounds in cities like New York, Mumbai, Pulwama, Pathankot, and London, the ministry said. “Make in Pakistan” terrorism must cease.

According to the ministry, only Pakistan claims to have 126 individuals classified as terrorists by the UN and 27 terrorist organisations.

“We wish that Pakistan FM would have listened more sincerely yesterday at the UN Security Council to the testimony of Anjali Kulthe, a Mumbai nurse who saved the lives of 20 pregnant women from the bullets of the Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab. The Foreign Minister was more interested in whitewashing Pakistan’s role,” stated the ministry.