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OpenAI Might Launch A Paid Pro ChatGPT Version

OpenAI is considering releasing a more powerful version of its AI-powered ChatGPT chatbot.


  • OpenAI has established a queue for the paid pro edition of ChatGPT.
  • The pro version will provide benefits, including quicker response times and more message storage.
  • Due to the high cost of processing, OpenAI must eventually commercialize ChatGPT.

On its Discord server, OpenAI revealed that it would soon release a paid pro version of ChatGPT, its well-known AI-powered chatbot.

According to the announcement, the pro edition of ChatGPT will be quicker and more dependable.

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According to claims, ChatGPT Professional has the following advantages:

  • Absence of blackouts
  • quicker answers to commands
  • at least two times the daily message cap

OpenAI can generate income to pay for ChatGPT’s upkeep and development by charging for a pro version.

It’s important to note that this announcement does not represent ChatGPT Professional’s official endorsement. Pricing and more information are still to be disclosed.

Here is a list of all the details that OpenAI provided on Discord.

OpenAI Announces Potential ChatGPT Monetization

OpenAI declares that it is considering how to make money through ChatGPT.

Even though there are yet to be formal plans in place, OpenAI is thinking about creating a professional-oriented version of ChatGPT.

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The statement says:

“We’re starting to think about how to monetize ChatGPT (early thinking, nothing official to share yet). Our goal is to continue improving and maintaining the service, and monetization is one way we’re considering to ensure its long-term viability. We’re interested in chatting with some folks for ~15 min to get some early feedback. If you’re interested in chatting, please fill out this form (takes ~10 min to fill out).”

A waitlist where you can sign up for a pilot version of ChatGPT Professional is linked in OpenAI’s announcement.

If you’re interested, you must complete a questionnaire that asks questions about your usage of ChatGPT and your price range.

The application states that those chosen for the pilot programme will get personalized notifications:

“If you are selected, we’ll reach out to you to set up a payment process and a pilot. Please keep in mind that this is an early experimental program that is subject to change, and we are not making paid pro access generally available at this time.”

Even though everyone can join the queue, only a few people will be admitted.

Regular ChatGPT: Will It Still Be Free?

Whether or when OpenAI pursues ChatGPT Professional, the business makes no guarantees that a free version will always be available.

The ChatGPT version that is currently accessible is a free research preview.

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In other words, we’re all beta testers for a product that will eventually be sold for money.

Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, claims that rising CPU costs force him to monetize ChatGPT.

OpenAI can run ChatGPT because of investor funding, but the investors want a return.

With Microsoft and other substantial corporations as investors, OpenAI is under much pressure to be profitable.

The discussion over monetizing ChatGPT may get more steam, given Microsoft’s plans to invest an extra $10 billion.

We’ll keep an eye on the ChatGPT Professional topic on Discord and update you as more information becomes available.