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74th Republic Day Parade Introduces Made-in-India Weapons Systems

This year’s Republic Day, only made-in-India weapon systems were on display.

Today, as India celebrated its 74th Republic Day, Kartavya Path in the national capital witnessed the prowess of the armed forces outfitted with high-tech, indigenously manufactured equipment.

The Republic Parade 2023 began with a march by an Egyptian Armed Forces contingent.

Captain Raizada Shaurya Bali led the first contingent in the 61 Cavalry outfit. With the unification of all the ‘State Horse Units,’ the 61 Cavalry is the world’s only active horse cavalry regiment.

The Indian Armed Forces have been selflessly serving the nation and its people, ensuring stability and domination along the Line of Control (LoC), the Line of Actual Control (LAC), and globally through UN Peacekeeping missions.

Purchasing platforms such as the Akash Missile System, satellites, Modular Bridges, towed guns, utility helicopters, electronic warfare systems, and surface-to-air missiles increased the Indian Army’s lethality, accuracy, and reliability.

Only Made-in-India weapon systems, including ammunition, were displayed at the Republic Day parade this year. These included the 21 Gun Salute with “Made in India” 105 mm Indian Field Guns, the recently introduced LCH Prachand, the K-9 Vajra howitzers, the MBT Arjun, Nag anti-tank guided missiles, Akash air defence missiles, and Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicles.

MBT Arjun

Captain Amanjeet Singh headed the ARJUN of the 75th Armoured Regiment. MBT ARJUN’ is an indigenously developed third-generation main battle tank produced by India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

Nag Missile System (NAMIS)

The Nag missile is a Fire and Forget ATGM with a 5-kilometre effective range. The tandem warhead, which can lock on before launch and top attack, accurately hits targets that are moving or attempting to flee.

The successful development of this new weapon system for the Indian Army has propelled India into the small club of countries that have created their own fire-and-forget top-attack tactical ATGMs integrated into AFVs. ‘Satrah Mech – Har Maidan Fateh’ is its motto.

BMP2/2 K

The mechanised column of Infantry Combat Vehicle BMP-2 of the Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre, led by Captain Arjun Sidhu of the 6 Mechanised Infantry Regiment, arrived at the saluting dais next.

SARATH, an ICV BMP-2, is a high-mobility Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) with lethal weapons and night warfare capability. It can operate effectively in all combat terrains, including deserts, hilly regions, and high-altitude areas. Its motto is ‘Valour and Faith,’ which translates as (Veerta our Vishwas).

Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (QRFV)

Captain Naveen Dhatterwal of the 3 Ladakh Scouts Regiment led the Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle. These vehicles, made for the Indian Army under the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Scheme by TATA Advance System and Bharat Forge Limited, are a brilliant illustration of the Indian Army’s goal for self-sufficiency. This 4×4 wheeled Armoured Platform has full armour protection and a 360-degree turret that can hold a 7.62mm Medium Machine Gun. It can carry ten fully armed troops. The vehicle is appropriate for troops stationed in Ladakh, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh.

K-9 Vajra-T (SP)

The following detachment was led by Lt Prakhar Tiwari of the 224 Medium Regiment (Self Propelled). The firing range of the K9 Vajra-T 155mm/52 Calibre Tracked Self Propelled is 40 km.

The Tracked Self-Propelled Gun System has a top speed of 60 km/hr over parched desert terrain. It has complete welded steel armour protection, and the design contains a Modular Azimuth Position System (MAPS) and an Automatic Fire Control System. Its motto is Sarvada Sarva Pratham, ‘ which means ‘Always the First’.

10m Short Span Bridge

The 64 Assault Engineer Regiment’s 10m Short Span Bridge, led by Captain Shivashish Solanki, is a mechanically launched Assault Bridge built by DRDO to assist Combat Engineers in crossing tough obstacles such as Canals or Nallahs in a matter of minutes. Agrani Ajay’, which means “Always Leading and Unconquerable,” was the motto of the 10 metre Short Span Bridge System.

Forces of the Indian Army are a step forward in defending Atmanirbharta. On September 30, 2023, the Regiment will commemorate 50 years of magnificent history.

Mobile Microwave Node and Mobile Network Centre

Major Mohd Asif Ahmed of 2 AHQ Signal Regiment oversaw the Corps of Signals’ Mobile Microwave Node and Mobile Network Centre under the slogan ‘Teevra Chaukas,’ which means ‘Swift and Secure? The column consists of two vehicles: a ‘Mobile Microwave Node’ and a ‘Mobile Network Centre,’ with Major Mahima Kataria of the 2 AHQ Signal Regiment in command of the latter. The Indian Army’s Mobile Microwave Node can provide high-speed operational communications to the Tactical Battle Area.

The Mobile Network Centre is a network vehicle of the future that enables network-centric operations.

It houses three critical functions: network operations, security operations, and the data centre. It multiplies force by boosting battlefield transparency and situational awareness.

Wheeled Armoured Platform – WHAP 8×8 on 70-Ton Trailer

DRDO conceived and constructed the Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier, WhAP 8×8, which is transported on a specialised 70-ton trailer.

WhAP is an 8×8 wheeled fighting platform that is modular. WhAP is a cutting-edge, customisable platform for roles such as infantry vehicles, CBRN vehicles, ATGM carriers, and so on. The Armoured Personnel Carrier model on the show has a 30mm turret, composite armour, and cutting-edge blast protection. This amphibious vehicle can cross rivers and canals and has a top speed of 100 km/h on the road.

The 70-ton trailer has advanced hydraulic suspension for improved manoeuvrability, steerable axles, and a hydraulic ramp for easy loading and unloading huge goods. The trailer, which can negotiate severe turns and hills, has been extensively tested with MBT Arjun as payload.