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Doja Cat Starts Her Clothing Line: “It’s Giving”

Doja Cat is the most recent celebrity to venture into a side business, announcing the launch of her clothing line, It’s Giving.

American: The Planet Her Sunday (21 August), her singer announced her debut on Instagram, posting a series of photos of herself modelling pieces from the collection.

The unisex collection includes full-size and cropped T-shirts, shorts, a tracksuit, underwear, and trucker caps in colourful colours.

Doja Cat wore a sporty white cropped t-shirt with the word “yes” inscribed in daring pink and orange letters. She wore it with matching “yes” underpants.

The items, which range in price from £22 to £61, are now available for pre-order and will be delivered to customers by the end of September.

An accompanying lookbook also features other items from the collection, such as white socks with a purple star and the title “it’s giving” in pink lettering.

The release comes only days after Doja Cat faced online backlash when fans accused her of “stealing” the title from web character Rolling Ray.

Ray, who starred on MTV’s Catfish: Trolls, became famous in 2019 after filming a video of himself critiquing Popeyes’ famous rooster sandwich.

“It’s not even giving what y’all said it was supposed to give. ” I spent my money,” he stated in the video, kicking off the “it’s giving” trend.

Ray replied to her tweet: “Purr, now this giving what’s supposed to be given.”