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This Fall, Fashion Essentials Are Going Viral, Says a Report

According to recent Trendalytics data, simplicity with a nostalgic twist has a hold on tastemakers this season.

The retail analytics company claims this year’s theme is about tried-and-true basics with “a little of edge,” even though fall is “probably the most talked about the season in fashion.” The buzz is driven by five things that have appeared on the Instagram grids of celebrities and fashion influencers.

Ugg boots, once a divisive “cheugy” shoe trend, are making a comeback in miniature. According to Trendalytics, “this boot is at ankle height instead of mid-calf, enabling a more streamlined and universal wear.”

Over 10.2 million people have viewed #miniuggboots on TikTok. The number of searches for the cabin core style has increased 262% from the previous year.

Trendalytics claims that celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski have been spotted sporting comfortable sneakers on various occasions.

Data suggests that longer lengths are in strong demand, even though denim miniskirts were a hot Y2K-meets-Barbiecore item this summer and will be for Spring/Summer 2023, as shown by Diesel and Levi’s designs.

According to Trendalytics, the demand for denim maxi skirts is growing as the weather becomes colder. The popularity of the ankle-skimming skirt has increased by 900%, while new arrivals are up 82% from the previous year.

This fall, the cargo pant—another Y2K “It” item—is extremely popular. At Copenhagen Fashion Week in August, the utility-driven bottom was widely worn in street style, typically paired with vibrant heels and wrap sandals.

Among the trends, retail intelligence firm Edited recently said have a grasp on Gen Z customers worldwide are cargo pants.

Cargo pants are a “safe bet trend,” according to Trendalytics, with 296,000 average weekly searches, or 64% higher than the previous year. Social media buzz on TikTok and Instagram has increased by 167% since last year and is still rising.

Thrifting’s rising popularity is also influencing new fashion trends. The large bomber jacket is “new to the market,” according to Trendalytics, even though they have long crowded the shelves of thrift stores, with fresh arrivals up 41% from a year ago.