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Google’s Contacts App Now Has a New Highlights Tab

Following the ‘Material You Makeover’ last month, Google is adding another feature, namely a new tab, to its Google Contacts app for Android.

In addition to the ‘Contacts‘ and ‘Fix & Manage’ sections in the new Material You bottom bar on the Google Contacts app, a new ‘Highlight‘ tab has been added.

The Google Contacts Highlight tab is located between the ‘Contacts‘ and ‘Fix & Manage‘ tabs at the bottom bar. Below the search bar is the Favorites grid, which contains four icons representing four of your favorite contacts. You can quickly add new contacts by clicking the ‘Add‘ button in the upper-right corner.

Under the Favorites, the grid has a ‘Recents‘ section with a two-tabbed list. It begins with the ‘View Recently‘ area, which displays the contacts you have recently communicated with it. Each contact shown in the ‘Recents’ section is accompanied by a date. You can remove the history by using the overflow menu. An ‘Added Recently‘ option allows you to view the most recently added contacts.

All of these modifications will be implemented with the upcoming release. The Google Contacts app becomes quite crowded with all of the changes listed above. Although the ‘Fix & Manage‘ tab provides access to certain important tools, it is unclear whether it necessitates a separate tab on the bottom bar.

The Google Contacts Highlight tab is more beneficial because it allows you to search for contacts using an aesthetically beautiful and pleasant grid.