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Man runs to PM’s convoy in Karnataka; cops deny security breach. Watch

On January 12, a young man reportedly scaled a wall and went toward PM Modi’s vehicle before being dragged away. There had been no security breach, according to the police.

At Davanagere, Karnataka, a young man attempted to sprint into Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy by jumping barricades.

While the prime minister was conducting a roadshow in the metropolis of the election-bound state, the incident took place. The youth was apprehended by the police on time, according to a video shared by the news agency ANI.

The Karnataka Police, however, asserted that there was no security breach. “There was no breach in security as such of PM at Davangere today. It was an unsuccessful attempt. The man was caught immediately by myself and SPG at a safe distance. Appropriate action is being taken in this regard”, ANI cited Alok Kumar, ADGP, Law & Order, Karnataka, as saying.

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During a roadshow in Hubbali on January 12, a guy raced past a barricade and towards PM Modi’s van before being dragged away. There was no security breach in the PM’s convoy, according to the local police.

PM Modi spoke at a campaign rally in Davanagere, where he urged voters to support the BJP to give it a stable majority. The prime minister lashed out at the opposition Congress, saying it used Karnataka as an ATM to replenish its politicians’ coffers.

“Karnataka has seen a long period of opportunistic and selfish coalition governments. Karnataka has faced losses due to such governments. So, for fast-paced development of Karnataka, BJP’s full majority and stable government is needed,” Modi said.

“Can we trust Congress that makes false promises? Should they be allowed to place a step inside Karnataka, or should they be thrown out,” he asked, adding that the people of Karnataka should be cautious and not give them an opportunity “to play their game”.

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He even brought up an incident where senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah allegedly assaulted a party member who had gone to meet him at his campaign rally. According to the prime minister, “Those who don’t respect their workers cannot be expected to respect other people.”