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PM Modi’s advice to Babus: Dismantle hierarchy, benefit from everyone, and inspire Bhagidari Jan

In his address to bureaucrats at the first-ever national training conclave, which took place in Gujrat on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made several recommendations, including the significance of Jan Bhagidari in administration, a whole-of-government approach, breaking down hierarchies, and utilizing the experience of every official.

The prime minister’s speech was full of personal tales from his time as Gujarat’s chief minister and as the country’s leader since 2014. He underlined the importance of giving government work a service orientation, a sense of responsibility in achieving the ambitions of the average person, the necessity to eliminate hierarchy, and the use of each employee’s unique set of skills.

Regardless of hierarchy, Modi underlined that authorities should overcome vertical and horizontal silos and hierarchy constraints to find people with experience.

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Modi also emphasized the value of involving the general public through Jan Bhagidari. He argued that the system should be innovated and improved with passion.

He explained this to the audience and credited Jan Bhagidari with the success of the Swachh Bharat Mission, the Aspirational Districts Programme, Amrit Sarovar, and India, now accounting for a sizeable portion of global digital payments.

According to him, the training materials should be created and directed in a way that helps government personnel internalize these concepts.

According to the prime minister, government officials are not short of talent, commitment, or dedication. He said that just as the military is the best option for everyone due to its excellent reputation, government employees should also work to increase the public’s trust in them.

The prime minister said that in imparting training, efforts should be made to instill a “whole of government approach” and that officials’ talents should be fully utilized.

The earlier perception that a high official posting to a training facility was a punishment appointment has changed. Training facilities are among the most crucial locations since they develop the staff that has worked for the government for decades.

According to the prime minister, the iGOT Karmayogi platform has created a level playing field by giving everyone a chance to practice. The number of users registered on iGOT Karmayogi has surpassed the ten million mark, demonstrating the system’s users’ eagerness to learn.

The Karmayogi Mission aims to enhance the orientation, mindset, and approach of government employees so that they feel pleased and joyful. As a result of this development, the governance system naturally improves, the prime minister highlighted.

He urged the authorities to produce useful suggestions in the future, noting that doing so would help the nation’s training infrastructure advance. He continued that such conclaves ought to be conducted frequently.

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