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Rajnath Singh blasts anyone who criticises the use of the lotus in the G-20 emblem

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh made the remarks while speaking at an event in Haryana.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh slammed opponents who questioned the usage of the lotus emblem in the G-20 logo as India prepares to assume the presidency next month. Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed the G-20 symbol, theme, and website earlier this week. “One Earth, One Family, One Future,” the Prime Minister said during a Monday video conference, describing the emblem’s lotus as “a symbol of optimism in these difficult times.”

“Controversies erupt over symbols associated with our ancestry.” You should be aware that a G-20 logo was launched, with the nations controlling approximately 85 percent of the global GDP. That logo now includes a lotus. Some have created a fuss over the use of the emblem. “They said it’s a symbol of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),” the Defence Minister stated at an event in Jhajjar, Haryana.

“There should be a limit to how far such assertions should be pushed. The lotus was officially designated as the national flower in 1950. They did so since the lotus is an emblem of India’s history. “When the first liberation movement was waged in 1857, revolutionaries fought with lotus in one hand and roti in the other,” Rajnath Singh is seen saying in a video tweeted by news agency ANI. He was at the unveiling ceremony for Prithivraj Chouhan’s statue and tweeted images from the event.

“Should we overlook that the lotus blossom is a national symbol?” Did the Prime Minister commit a major offence by doing so? A redundant row is being produced. Should it no longer be deemed the national flower just because it symbolises a political party? Shouldn’t a hand be used as a symbol by some parties? Or, since the cycle is a party emblem, why not use it? Simply because it’s a political symbol? “As long as our party is in power, we will not allow anyone to threaten national heritage,” the Union Minister added.

While introducing the subject, PM Modi also stated that “the G-20 Presidency is not only a diplomatic summit for India; it is a new responsibility and a gauge of the world’s trust in India.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi will attend the 17th G-20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, beginning on Monday.