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VMware and IBM Experts to Lead SolarWinds Channel Partners Worldwide

SolarWinds’ next phase of expansion will be aided by the new channel leader.

Mumbai: A new worldwide leader has emerged among SolarWinds channel partners. Chad Reese, formerly of VMware and IBM, has been appointed president of Americas sales and global channel.

Reese has 25 years of leadership experience with IBM and, most recently, VMware. He now manages sales for SolarWinds in the Americas for the enterprise, midmarket, and SMB industries and the public sector. He is in charge of the company’s global channel ecosystem.

Reese was the global head of worldwide commercial sales at VMware. He led his extended sales teams to drive billions of dollars in bookings worldwide.

“It’s exciting to join the talented SolarWinds team during this time of positive momentum as the company executes its growth strategy focused on delivering platform-based technologies to accelerate business transformation,” he said. “With a large, loyal global customer install base, a strong, historical renewal rate, an outstanding solution portfolio and roadmap, and a highly experienced senior leadership team, we’re well positioned for growth.”
We are constructing a “Sales Engine with SolarWinds Channel Partners.”

According to Reese, his goal with SolarWinds channel partners is to create a “scalable, repeatable sales engine across all routes to market.”

“And I’m delighted to use my deep channel experience to collaborate closely with our broader ecosystem to promote global customer success,” he said. “We have an incredible potential to make an impact in the market.” And I’m excited to work with our teams to propel the firm into its next chapter of growth.”

Reese worked at IBM as the company’s vice president of cloud and SaaS for North America. Before that, he served as vice president of the business partner organisation for IBM’s European channel business. He was in charge of driving billions of dollars in sales across the company’s expanded partner network.

Andrea Webb is the executive vice president and chief customer officer at SolarWinds. She described Reese as an “experienced sales leader” with global expertise serving different business groups. He’ll be a “critical addition to our team as our model evolves and we execute our growth strategy,” according to the company.

“We are excited about his influence on our company,” she said.