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A fan questions Shah Rukh Khan on using the surname Khan: Please say “Choti baaton main mat pad.”

On Wednesday, Shah Rukh Khan hosted a #AskSRK session on Twitter for his supporters and detractors. He answered inquiries regarding his last name, the future of Pathaan, and his monthly income.

Shah Rukh Khan hosted a #AskSRK session with his fans on Twitter on Wednesday. Fans quickly sent in their inquiries before the release of his movie Pathaan later this month, and SRK amused them with his humorous, endearing responses.

Shah Rukh gave the kind of response that can only come from a person who had modest beginnings when one of the admirers asked him how much money he makes in a month. “Pyaar Beshumaar kamata hoon….har din (I earn immense love every day),” He composed.

Another fan enquired about Shah Rukh Khan’s family history and the significance of the “Khan” at the end of his name. In response, Shah Rukh stated that he views the entire human race as his family. He continued by saying that one earns their social standing by their job, not via their family’s name. He stated: “The whole world is my family….family ke naam se naam nahi hota….kaam se naam hota hai. Choti baaton mein mat padho please. (The whole world is my family. One doesn’t earn their name because of their family. They earn it with their work. Don’t indulge in such petty things)”.

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Shah Rukh even responded to certain critics during the “Ask me Anything” session. Shah Rukh reflected on the meaning of life after a user asked him why he was watching Pathaan, and he wrote, “Oh God, these people are really deep….what is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of anything..? Sorry I am not such a deep thinker.”

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Shah Rukh pointed out that he was 57 years old when another critic called Pathaan a failure and suggested that the actor give up acting. “Beta badhon se aise baat nahi karte!! (Kid, that’s not how you speak with elders),” He composed.

Shah Rukh Khan addressed the abuse one experiences on social media during the opening ceremony of the Kolkata International Film Festival. He added, “I read somewhere negativity increases social media consumption and commercial value. Such pursuits enclose the collective narrative, making it divisive and destructive.”

Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, will be released on January 25. John Abraham and Deepika Padukone are also featured in the movie. Following Pathaan, SRK will appear in the films Jawan and Dunki.