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Dentist throws four-year-old daughter from a fourth-floor balcony in Bengaluru, impersonating suicide attempt

The accused was upset because the child, who had a speech impairment for two years, was on medication.

BENGALURU: Police in bengaluru have arrested a 29-year-old woman after she threw her four-year-old daughter from the fourth floor of the apartment she shared with her family. A case of murder has been registered against the woman following a complaint filed by her husband, the police said on Friday. 

The CCTV camera in the apartment captured the entire incident, and after verification, the police arrested the accused, identified as Sushma Bharadwaj, and charged her with murder.

When the child was discovered on the ground floor and taken to the hospital, the family initially claimed that the fall occurred accidentally from the terrace. According to the investigations and CCTV camera footage, the child was thrown down by the mother, who attempted to jump herself.

According to a police officer, the mother claimed she committed the crime due to developmental issues with her child. “We have registered a case of murder under Section 302 of the IPC based on a complaint by the father against her. She has been arrested. She has committed a grave crime. If at all she suffers from any mental illness, this would have to be proved in court,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (central) R Srinivasa Gowda.

She was strolling on the balcony outside her house carrying the child on Thursday evening when she allegedly threw her down before climbing on the railing and screaming for help at the CKC Garden Aditya apartment. Neighbors rushed to her aid, pulling her down to safety.

Meanwhile, the child had fallen to the ground and was lying in a pool of blood. A resident picked her up and administered first aid before transporting her to a private hospital and then to NIMHANS, where she died.

Mother has been charged with murder

The police rushed to the scene and questioned the couple based on information from the hospital. Sushma has been arrested and charged with murder after Kiran filed a complaint.

“Prima facie investigations revealed that the mother was not happy about the health issues of the daughter and is said to have committed the crime,” a senior police officer said. 

“The accused had even tried to get rid of the child by leaving her in a moving train a few months ago. But the father came to know about this and, with the help of child helpline members, traced the baby near Hassan and brought her back home. However, he did not file a complaint against her then,” a police officer said.