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Man detained for protecting those in the vehicle that killed a Delhi woman

CCTV footage and call records, according to the police, proved Ashutosh and Ankush Khanna’s role in protecting the accused. As a result, the two have been on the run.

The Delhi Police detained a man on Friday morning for allegedly protecting the men in the car that dragged a 20-year-old woman on January 1 after hitting her two-wheeler for at least two hours.

“Ashutosh has been arrested. He gave false information to the police,” said Sagar Preet Hooda, the special police commissioner.

According to police, CCTV footage and call records proved Ashutosh and Ankush Khanna, who were still at large, were involved in protecting the suspects.

Police confirmed on Thursday that the grey Maruti Suzuki Baleno that struck and killed Anjali Kumari’s scooter had four guys in it, not five as previously believed.

According to investigators, the fifth detained suspect, Deepak, was not in the automobile when it struck the Sultanpuri woman. “Deepak was home at the time of the accident and was informed about the accident through a phone call. Amit Khanna was driving the car. After noticing a body being dragged by the car, he called his cousins Ankush and Deepak, who asked him to tell the police that Deepak was driving the car. We suspect they were consulting lawyers,” On Thursday, auxiliary police commissioner Chinmoy Biswal made the statement.

Hooda claimed that the fact that Deepak had a driver’s licence and Amit Khanna did not was the cause of this obscurity.

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Amit Khanna is friends with Ashutosh. Deepak, Amit, and Ankush Khanna are related. “Both of them were not in the car at the time of the accident, but they helped the arrested accused by furnishing false statements before the police.”

The automobile continued to go for at least two hours while dragging Kumari’s body at least 14 kilometres after her body became tangled in the bottom. The body was discovered in Kanjhawala after becoming dislodged in a twisted form.